Mar. 2011         Tom Kimmel                              With                                  Tom Kimmel
Apr. 2011         Cheryl Wheeler                             With                 Anita Boyle and James Bertolino
May. 2011         Cliff Eberhardt                             With                                 Scott Heffernan
June 2, 2011          Claude Bourbon                             With                           Christopher J Jarmick
June 25, 2011               Terry Holder                                  With                              Carolyn Wiley
July 30, 2011     Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald              With                              Michael Magee and Jean Musser
By Chris Bronstad
August 20, 2011           Greg Greenway                                  With                                       Lorraine Hart
September 24, 2011          LeRoy Bell                                           With                                  Julene Tripp Weaver